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Self Funded Proposal System

In Partnership with Contribution Health

  1. ALL-IN-ONE QUOTES FOR BOTH LARGE AND SMALL GROUPS - Whether your Group requires pre-approved rates subject to some UW review as with larger groups (METRO) or you have a small Group (Blacksmith) and you want pre-approved, fully UW plans and rates to select from.
  2. EASY AND SIMPLE - Get your credentials then create your Groups (Customers), import their Employee (and Dependents if Blacksmith) data and link it to our internal system data points.  Then create Plans, grouping them into Proposals.
  3. PLAN, SET GOALS, THEN TRACK WORKFLOW & PERFORMANCE - Plan and set your activity (Number of new Client Proposals each month) along with production (monthly Placed business).  Monitor Activity at Broker, Agency, TPA levels.