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Akunaware Trial Links

Of course we offer the opportunity to try us out before serious engagement!   

Self Funded Quoting and Proposal Management System
for Agencys, Brokers, Administrators.

Plug into proven Actuarys and a self-driven, self funded service.
We do successful consortiums here.  Bring your carrier to us, and work with us to get approved.  We strive to be the last  Plan Provider search you will ever do.

100-Person Demo for Akunaware's Employer Analytics
and Employee Benefits Systems.

In order to evaluate our unique system we have created a 100-person demo in a slightly restricted version of Akunaware.  Employers and Brokers can both use the preloaded environment to fully explore the possibilities of adopting our Employee Communications vehicle as your own.  Once you are ready to proceed, import your own employees using the License Center, pay for, then activate.  

Administrators, Agencys, Brokers

Once a Business Partner we will provide you your own customer Akunaware Trial Program Link.  You send it out to prospective/current clients that they click to generate their own 100-person demo.  You receive a notification to follow up.